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You have successfully purchased the Legendary Heritage Heirlooms Family Genealogy Tools And Template Suite
Microsoft Word, PDF Format and rtf (rich text format). Edit the family genealogy templates from your Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft Word or WordPad.

Download Instructions:

System Requirements:

    Pocket PC PDA Laptop Desktop
    with one of the following: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP 
    32 MB RAM minimum
    4 MB of free hard disk space for program files
    The file size is approximately 2.5 MB
    800x600 minimum (1024x768 recommended) 
    Optional: Adobe Acrobat Reader for pdf version.

1. Click on the desired format.

2. Select desired directory.

3. Create a new folder. We suggest you name the folder "Family Genealogy"

4. Save each file format to desired directory and newly named folder. 

Microsoft Word

PDF format Documents



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